Inspiring and supporting local amateur Astronomy

Oldham & Rochdale Astronomy was developed, to provide an on-line social community, where people can share images; ask for help and advice; be provided with information on what they can look for in the sky at a given time; and to generally support people with a passion for astronomy, whilst also developing awareness and understanding of the skies above. The group is still in its relative infancy, but it rapidly building up its following. We are not an Astronomical Society and do not run any meetings, this is to keep the online community free and open to all.

Oldham is blessed with it Pennine location, being just far enough away from the bright lights of Manchester city centre to enjoy a reduced amount of light pollution whereby some very spectacular objects in space can be viewed with a simple pair of binoculars, a small telescope or a digital camera and a tripod. It also benefits from there having some reasonably dark sky sites within the borough, which can be accessed by almost anybody.


We aim to make Astronomy fun and engaging for all. There are no stupid questions when you are starting out so don't be afraid to ask!


Our Sky Notes and reminders cover the following areas: Oldham, Rochdale, Middleton, Heywood Manchester and West Yorkshire


An intro from Sarah & Colin:

''We set up Oldham & Rochdale Astronomy out of love for the skies above. We are both amateur Astronomers and Astrophotographers. We wanted to share the amazing things that can be seen in the night sky with others in the local area. We decided to build a Website to make this possible! Both of us have full time jobs, which unfortunately are not in the field of Astronomy and fund the running costs of the website ourselves''

Sarah Hall

Designed, produced and maintains the Website. She also runs the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Colin Campbell

Leads event management and promotions.

Our Facebook page admins

We have the help of two brilliant people on our Facebook page and group. Our page admins are:

Lewis Williams

Mark Forbes