Aurora watches & Alerts

It is possible to see the Northern Lights from North West England, the above image is the Aurora from the hills above Rochdale and Oldham!

The current live data can be found here, and forecast here. We also have an easy to understand gude on how to photograph the Aurora here

There is no exact forecast, as the Aurora is difficult to predict! To see the Aurora from North West areas would depend on your location, view of the Northern horizon and lots of other data.

The KP number on the chart below is an Auroral Index, it ranges from 0 to 9, with 0 being no activity to above 5 being storm. Another important measurement to look at is Bz, when Bz is negative (South), you are far more likely to see Aurora. The best thing to do is to look on our 'Current Aurora' & 'Aurora Forecast' pages to see if you are likely to see the Aurora from your location.

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Image showing Aurora Watch Issued


Space Weather Message Code: WATA20

Serial Number: 819

Issue Time: 2018 Mar 12 1908 UTC

WATCH: Geomagnetic Storm Category G1 Predicted

Highest Storm Level Predicted by Day:

Mar 13: None (Below G1) Mar 14: G1 (Minor) Mar 15: G1 (Minor)


This table is from the NOAA website showing what KP can be expected based on the storm levels predicted: