You don't need any expensive equipment to take images of the night sky. You just need to be able to get a long exposure for the image. There are quite a lot of Apps out there but NightCap and NightCap Pro have to be the best. The App can take long exposure images, allowing you to take photos of the night sky, meteor showers, the ISS & star trails. Keep in mind that you will need a way of keeping your phone or IPad still as the smallest of movements will ruin any imaging attempt due to the length of exposure needed.

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Nightcap - The original night time camera for iPhone, offering true long exposure photography.

Designed for iPhone and iOS 7.

Nightcap Pro - NightCap plus AI controlled camera for amazing hand-held photos in low light, full manual control, low light video recording, light booster, noise reduction, two powerful long exposure modes and automatic camera modes for astronomy.

Designed for iPhone 4S and higher, Apple Watch, iPad and iOS 8.

To read more about this App go to the Nightcap website