Here you can find details on where to locate Uranus. Don't forget to upload your images to the Facebook group and we will add them to the member images section of the website to showcase them!

Don't forget to check our Conjunctions page for details on when the Planets appear close together with other night sky objects!

Uranus is a can be seen from dusk this month. It can be seen in the South as it gets dark. At the start of the month it sets around 22:40, later in the month around 21:30 in the Western sky.

You will not see Uranus with the naked eye due to light pollution, a decent pair of binoculars will be needed or a telescope!

The image shows its location at 20:30 on the 15th

Use our interactive sky map here to find out what you can see in the sky right now!

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Image of Uranus