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Pentax K5 and 55-300mm lens on a Star Adventurer tracking mount.
ISO1600 f7.1
70×30 seconds plus x30 each darks, flats and bias.
Processed in DSS and Photoshop.

M38 open star cluster, sometimes referred to as the Starfish cluster. M38 is the upper cluster. The slightly tighter packed cluster to the bottom of the image is NGC1907.

A popular star cluster is NGC 457. It has numerous names, such as the Dragonfly cluster, Owl cluster, E.T. cluster, no doubt many other names as well.
It is the brightest cluster in the circumpolar constellation of Cassiopeia. Circumpolar meaning it never drops below the horizon from our view point here in the UK. Which allows us to enjoy this beautiful cluster all year round.

M92 Globular star cluster.

Taken with a Skywatcher 200 Quattro S on a HEQ5 mount.
Camera used was a Canon 1100D DSLR

A Globular star cluster some 34,000 light year’s from Earth.
Taken from Newhey, Rochdale on the 18th of May.
This is the result of 350 light frames of 30 second exposures at ISO rating 1600.
Stacked together with 150 calibration frames, using DeepSkyStacker.
Further processed with StarTools.

Known as the Great Cluster in Hercules.
Taken from Newhey, Rochdale.
Equipment was a Skywatcher 150mm Newtonian on a HEQ5 mount, unguided.
Camera used was a basic unmodified Canon 100D

Globular cluster M92, taken using a Skywatcher 200p and Canon 550d camera.

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