Full Moon & Super Moon

Full Moon Rising by Sarah Hall & Colin Campbell


The full Moon this month

This month the Full Moon is on the 16th. The Moon rises around 21:50 in the South East. This months Full Moon is also know as The Buck Moon.

If you manage to catch a full moon as it rises above the horizon it will appear to look much bigger. Check out the video further down the page that explains why!

This image shows the location of the full Moon at 22:51 on the 16th of July.

This image is a screen shot from Stellarium, a fantastic piece of free software.

Why does the Moon appear larger when it is just rising?


What is a Supermoon & When is the next one?


The scientific name for a Supermoon is Perigee Full Moon. A Supermoon occurs when the full moon is at the closest point of its orbit to the Earth. The Moon will look much closer and brighter.

The Supermoon is normally best viewed as it rises. The best time to view it is when it is just rising, as it will appear to look much larger.

The video to the left explains what a Supermoon is!

Great Red Spot
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The Sky This Month
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