On the 10th/11th of this month the comet is at it's closest approach! It is predicted to be around magnitude 7, you should be able to see it with decent pair of binoculars. You could also try taking a long exposure image with your camera.
    You don't just have to view it on the nights of the closest approach, it can be seen all month! Best viewing hours are however for the first couple of weeks of the month.
    Viewing times:
  • From dusk in the North at the start of the month, until it is lost to daylight in the East at around 05.30
  • From 22:45 mid month in the North East, until it is lost to daylight in the South East at around 05.30
  • From midnight towards the end of the month in the East, until it is lost to daylight in the South at around 05.30
If you want to locate the comet, there is a brilliant finder chart showing where it is located each day here
    The image shows the location of the comet at 23.00 on the 10th.

Comet Watch

Comet Watch is a fantastic UK website

Check out their page for a chart of Comets that can be seen this month here

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