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Use our interactive sky map HERE to find out if you can see any conjunctions right now!

What are conjunctions?

A conjunction is an astronomy term. It is when two or more objects make a close approach in the sky. Strictly speaking the objects should have the same right ascension or the same ecliptic longitude, when observed from Earth for it to be a true astronomical conjunction.

Conjunctions are common and can be seen every month, most conjunctions involve the Moon.

The conjunctions are how we see them from Earth, the objects don’t physically get that close to each other.


Equipment needed

No fancy equipment needed to view conjunctions, most of them can be seen with the naked eye!

A camera is a great idea, most conjunctions can easily fit within a photo. A tripod is a great investment and will allow you to get a clear image.

Most of the conjunctions would be too widely separated to appear together in the eyepiece of a telescope.


Be careful if it is dusk or dawn and the Sun is nearby, the sun can cause irreparable damage to the eyes; especially if seen through a lens (even if by accident)!

Ensure the sun is well away from the conjunction before trying to view it or image it.

You can see any visible conjunctions this month on the calendar below.

Click on the title of each entry to open it and see the full details.

May 27 @ 9:30 pm – May 28 @ 3:30 am
The pair can be seen from dusk in the South from around 21:30 and travel across to the South West, were they set at around 03.30am. The closest approach is at 18:40 however the pair[…]

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