Meteor Showers

Perseid Sarah Hall & Colin Campbell


Equipment needed

No fancy equipment is needed, face the radiant and take in as much sky as possible. Allow your eyes to adjust to the dark.

You could use a camera on a tripod and take long exposure images and see what you catch!

Meteor Showers this month

This month sees the peak of the η–Aquarid meteor shower. The maximum amount of meteors is around 40 per hour, this would be from a dark sky site. In light polluted skies it will be a lot less than this. The peak is on the 6th of May. The radiant doesn’t rise until around 2:40am! A very short window to see any meteors before the sun rises! Some meteors should be seen up until the 20th of May.

This image shows the location of the radiant at 03.17 on the 6th of March.

This image is a screen shot from Stellarium, a fantastic piece of free software.

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