NASA Uranus


Use our interactive sky map HERE to find out if you can see Uranus right now!

A bit about Uranus

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, it has a minimum temperature of -224°C!

Uranus is about four times wider than Earth.

There are 27 Moons around Uranus, it is a gas giant and appears pale blue in colour.

Equipment needed

You will not see Uranus with the naked eye due to light pollution.

It can be seen in a small telescope however it will look rather small! It will look like a pale blue/green dot, but still amazing to see considering how far away it lies!

When & where to see Uranus this month

Uranus can be seen seen rising in the East at around 00.30 at the start of the month and at around 23:30 towards the end of the month.  It can be seen until it is lost to the Sun in the East at around 03:30 at the start of the month, and 04:30 towards the end of the month..


This image shows the location of Uranus at 03:16 on the 22nd of July.

This image is a screen shot from Stellarium, a fantastic piece of free software.

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